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Throughout our history as an innovator in autoimmune diagnostics, we’ve been driven by a simple mission: help labs improve the way patients with autoimmune diseases are diagnosed, monitored, and treated. Inova Diagnostics continually works with clinical researchers to develop new biomarkers for more accurate testing. We also collaborate with experts in automation to deliver more efficient systems that help clinical labs improve their testing processes. The Integrated Lab is comprised of a portfolio of instruments seamlessly connected to the LIS using QUANTA Link, a data management system. Integrated Lab instruments include the new AptivaTM* system for particle based multi-analyte testing (PMAT), BIO-FLASH® rapid-response chemiluminescent analyzer, QUANTA-Lyser® EIA/IFA processor, and NOVA View® digital IFA microscope. Come visit our booth or our website (www.inovadx.com) for more details.

* In development. Not for sale
† Not for sale in the US


APS Support UK

APS Support UK aims to save and improve the lives of patients with antiphospholipid syndrome by achieving earlier diagnosis and the best possible treatment through awareness, education and research.
Currently, APS is a significantly under-diagnosed and under-recognised condition so APS Support UK is working hard to bring about change as well as supporting anyone affected by the condition.

Precision BioLogic develops, manufactures and markets hemostasis diagnostic products. Over the past several years, we have expanded beyond the clinical laboratory and applied our expertise to assist pharmaceutical companies in various stages of product development and deployment. With the recent acquisition of Affinity Biologicals, we’ve grown our offerings to include an extensive line of coagulation-related antibodies as well as other products and services. Together, we’re innovating to advance hemostasis-related diagnostics and research.

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ICAPA 2019 is an excellent opportunity for you to engage with the clinical community (haematologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, research scientist’s, obstetricians and fetal and maternal medicine specialists, fertility specialists, immunologists, paediatricians, health policy makers and others working in the field). We expect over 350 healthcare professionals to join us at this three-day international congress in the vibrant city of Manchester.

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A key focus of the congress will be to involve young investigators and the next generation of leaders from clinical and non-clinical disciplines. We believe that capacity building and encouraging new investigators will helps us drive this area forward over the next few years. We also have an exciting patient programme in the congress to help us better understand fully the unmet needs and plan and prioritise future research.